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With an aim to see the world a happy, fit and healthy place I started my journey of being a Clinical Nutritionist. I have always worked towards spreading the knowledge about health all around and have planted seeds of a healthy lifestyle at every place that I’ve visited. After all, health is the greatest treasure which anyone can possess.

At Dietitian Shreya’s Academy we are committed to improving the nation’s health and bringing advances in the profession of dietetics through education. To achieve the same, we are offering various gastronomy courses. We play a key role in shaping the career of our students by enabling them in enhancing the public’s healthy food choices and nutritional status, and treating people with illnesses.

Dietitian Shreya’s Academy offers Certified Gastronomic Courses and a Clinical Management Course as well.  These courses are approved by the IAO (International Accreditation Organization).

These Certified courses are best suited for you if you wish to give a boost to your career and add weightage to your resume.

Through these courses, you will be able to:

  • Make good food choices
  • Maintain healthy lifestyle
  • Avoid diet-related illnesses
  • Serve the world and make it a healthier place to live

``To promote preventive Healthcare sector``
It is our vision to see a world that thrives through the transformative power of food and nutrition and to bring the world of nutrition to a whole new level. It is very important to understand the value of nutritious food in the times when everyone prefers instant food.


``To produce more Dietitians``
Many people are willing to eat nutritious food and avoid junk food but they do not know which diet to follow. Our mission is to accelerate improvement in global health through art and science of healthy eating and help such people choose a healthy diet.