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The Variant of concern – The Omicron

The Variant of concern – The Omicron

Over the last two years, we have constantly been faced by a challenge. Challenge which has not only tested us physically but also tested our capabilities and abilities mentally. Yes, it’s the COVID19(CORONA) pandemic. As the world was slowly recovering, we have been faced by yet another variant of CORONA the variant of concern THE OMICRON. Omicron is a Greek alphabet and named after Delta variant. Even after lot of research, scientists and Doctors across the globe are still struggling to know the spread of this variant based on the evidence that it has several mutations. Even after extensive research it has not been proved that the Omicron variant would be severe than the previous variant. Recent cases reported in South Africa had very mild symptoms, even though they were fully vaccinated. The currently used PCR test is only the marker which help in further diagnosis. As majority of the population above 18 yrs. have been vaccinated, this variant possesses a major risk the younger population and people with chronic diseases like diabetes, Hypertension, Heart alignments, Asthma, and auto immune diseases due to low immunity levels. To conclude, it is strongly advised by the WHO and our health fraternity that we have to be extra cautious and follow strict Covid protocols to avoid any further spread of this variant. This can only be done with keeping our immunity levels high by taking well-nourished and balanced diet, particularly rich in Proteins, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc. The time is such that if we don’t abide with these protocols this can result into a more lethal pandemic that we saw in 2020.

Article by DSA Student

Anureet Kaur