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Clinic Management and Its Importance

Clinic Management and Its Importance

The term clinic management refers to health care service management. It is also called healthcare computer system. Main objective of clinic management is to provide choicest level of wellness and improve care coordination while providing cost friendly services.  Before starting clinic management system it is extremely important to establish correct information on health system. Unless and until there is no correct information this system will not work efficiently.

To coordinate and manage the activities involved in running of a healthcare facility, clinic management systems are used. These computer software products must meet specified security, technology and functionality standards for keeping electronic medical records and managing information.

India is a vast country. Maintaining information of so many patients manually is very cumbersome for both public as well as private institutions. Sometimes, important information which is stored manually is lost because of unforeseen circumstances like accidental fire, natural calamity etc.  Under clinic management, patient’s records are digitized so as to make data retrieval easy and efficient. All the clinic operation starting from patient registration until billing will come under this system. Being in the digital format, patient data can be easily shared and accessed by multiple users simultaneously. They can access this data while sitting at different locations in the world. This results in smoother clinical operations and collaboration among clinicians.

Clinic management system has greatly impacted the lives of clinical staff as well as patients. It has removed unnecessary human errors which was common when patient was managed manually.

This system is developed to tackle the following problems:

  • Data inconsistency- It arises when data is stored manually in bulk.
  • Data mix with other data- When patient data is stored manually, data mix up is bound to happen.
  • Problem regarding reporting- Earlier there were discrepancies while reporting data.

At Dietitian Shreya’s Family Diet Clinic, clinic management system is used. A web based system schedules appointments. Once the appointment is scheduled, an SMS notification is sent on the client’s mobile phone. Then patient’s medical identity card is generated. All the data is stored in our own database of healthviser.


Why is it Important?

Clinic management provides assistance to both patients and health practitioners. It is a good opportunity to improve the quality of our health assistance. Therefore, its usage should be made necessary in daily clinical practice. Clinic management has various benefits.

  • The patient data can be easily backed up. Even if the patient has lost his medical information due to some reason he can get access to it from the database while sitting in the comfort of his home.
  • Patient’s data is protected from tampering through access control.
  • All the data is kept confidential.
  • Provides a systematic schedule system.
  • Clinical tasks like panel billing, inventory management and accounting are made easier because of clinic management.
  • Clinics register benefits as the productivity and overall efficiency of the clinic increases.
  • Retrieval of medical history of the patient becomes easy.
  • Doctor, clerk, nurse, administrator as well as the clinic owner – all are benefitted from clinic management.
  • Enables doctors and clinic assistants to manage patients’ data, medicine stock, and appointment and produce reports.



In healthcare industry, the demand for affordable and easy to use technology is increasing so as to improve patient centric services and establish effective communications among all the parties involving in the hospital activities. Clinic management system is a powerful web-based tool that is capable of providing better health assistance. It simplifies the work load of nurses and doctors as well as improves the business process between doctors, nurses and patients.  It is expected that it will develop further in the near future as manual operations are being computerized everywhere.