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Advanced Certified Gastronomy Course

This course is offered for a duration of six months. It is for the advanced learners of Gastronomy. It will teach the art and science of healthy eating. Apart from giving in-depth knowledge on various food groups and their constituents, this course gives a lots of additional knowledge. This course will teach you the job roles and responsibilities of a diet assistant/nutritionist. You will also learn about the role of clinic nutritionists in hospitals which will be very beneficial for you.

Apart from theoretical knowledge you will be engaged in basic cooking classes that will enhance your culinary skills in a nutritionally enriching way.

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What you will learn in the course?

  • Introduction to Human Structure and all body functions
  • Personal Hygiene Studies
  • Generating and Briefing a diet plan exchange list
  • Calculation of energy, CHO, fats and proteins
  • Common diseases, their effects and counter attacking plan part I
  • Common diseases, their effects and counter attacking plan part II
  • Biotechnology in foods/ study of life stages/ making of the diet prescription (childhood, adolescence, elderly/tube feeding)
  • Difference between weight specific nutritional planning and disease specific diet planning
  • Knowledge of diet plan in disease such as:
    • Liver/ cardiovascular disorder
    • Diabetes mellitus, renal disease
    • Common disease (PCOD/ PCOS)/ thyroid disorders
  • Nutritional value of common food millets- energy, protein, CHO, fat, fiber, calcium, iron, β-carotene, thiamine